Detournement AI is a think tank determined to ensure AI benefits all humans equally.

We offer professional services in AI strategy design, product management, and development.

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Find the right AI strategy

As the person responsible for setting direction, people will look to you to know how AI developments will impact your organisation.

AI is developing rapidly, which brings both new opportunities and challenges. Few organisations are equipped to stay on top of it all, let alone develop a plan of attack. You might not yet know how to adapt, yet you know you cannot stay behind.

We have been there ourselves: you must make a move, but all directions look equally uncertain. Behind Detournement are AI researchers and technology leaders that have designed and delivered state of the art AI solutions in industry and academia. We help organisations develop their AI strategy and see it through to delivery.

We are always interested in hearing what your challenges are. After an introductory meeting we’ll develop a proposal for how we can work with you to design an AI strategy that fits you, put in place the capabilities, and ensure delivery by taking on the product and project management.

We only push for strategies we ourselves are convinced will work, and we will be your partners until they have been delivered. Our work will always follow our Constructive AI principles.

Let’s chat

Feel free to drop us a line or reach out by phone. We’re happy to chat and explore how we can help.

Get to grips with AI

Go from knowing you need an AI strategy to confidently executing on one.

  • Get to grips with the current AI landscape.
  • Develop an AI strategy you can be certain about.
  • Be on the path to delivery with experienced partners by your side.
  • Prevent falling behind and capitalise on new opportunities.

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